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Oh-So-Simple Cedar-Planked Peaches


Plank Grilled Peaches Cedar 4"x7" planks are great for this recipe. Small, convenient to soak, perfect for 4-8 oz. cuts of meat or fish, they fit in any purse, and they don't break the bank.

Ok, so this barely even counts as a recipe, as there is only a handful of ingredients, but it's so good!


4"x 7" Wildwood Grilling Outlet Cedar Grilling Planks, soaked for 1-8 hours; the longer the better!

A couple ripe peaches

Fresh sage and thyme, or your favorite fresh herbs.

Cedar Plank Peach


First: Soak Cedar Grilling Planks for 1-8 hours. Pre-heat the grill to medium-high (350°).

Then:  Slice peaches in half, remove pit and rough chop herbs.

Next: Place cedar planks on grill with peaches sliced-side-up and sprinkle with herbs. Close lid of grill then allow to smoke and smolder for 11-14 minutes.

Finally: Carefully remove from grill and enjoy as a side dish, over a salad or just as is! It’s just that easy.

Welcome To Your Weekend- KB

Cedar Grilled Peaches


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