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Grilling Plank Flavor Descriptions


A Plank By Any Other Name Wouldn't Taste the Same

Have you every wondered what different wood varieties taste like in a grilling plank? Here is your quick guide.

Cedar  (Western  Red  Cedar)

The Pacific  Northwest  is  renowned  for  the  spicy  and  fragrant  smoke  of  cedar.  The   aromatic  and  full-­‐bodied  flavor  is  what  creates  delicious  cedar  planked  salmon.     Pairings:  Salmon,  Steelhead,  (any  strong  tasting  fish),  pork  chops,  poultry,  soft  cheeses   with  a  rind  (Camembert  or  Brie),  mushrooms,  tofu,  and  vegetables.    


Alder  is  another  Pacific  Northwest  favorite  with  its  delicate,  earthy  flavor  with  a  hint   of  sweetness.    Alder’s  subtle,  all-­‐purpose  smokiness  pairs  especially  well  with   halibut  and  other  white  fish.     Pairings:  Halibut,  white  fish,  shrimp,  trout,  scallops,  clams,  vegetables  and  fruit.    


Hickory  puts  the  twang  in  the  Southern  BBQ  scene!  Strong  and  bold,  hickory  is  ideal   when  you  want  a  distinctive,  savory  smoke  added  to  your  planked  dish.       Pairings:  Beef,  lamb,  bacon,  Portobello  Mushrooms,  venison,  elk  and  dark  fruits.    


Vaguely  sweet  and  fruity,  cherry  gives  fantastic  flavor  to  poultry  and  game  birds.   Pairings:  Chicken,  turkey,  Cornish  Game  Hens,  peaches  and  vegetables.      


With  the  sweetest  smoke  of  the  grilling  woods,  maple  is  subtle  and  balanced.    Maple   and  pork  share  a  special alchemy,  so  wrap  whatever  you  are  planking  in  bacon  or   prosciutto  and  grill  on  maple  for  a  sweet  treat.     Pairings:  Pork,  pizza,  soft  cheeses  (Camembert  or  Brie),  pineapple,  vegetables.    

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