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Grilling Planks Made Easy. With just a few easy steps you can achieve amazing results with Grilling Planks, Grilling Wraps, and Grilling Skewers.

Using this authentic Pacific Northwest Native method you can create an impressive dish on your gas or charcoal grill using grilling planks in just a few steps.

Plank Grilling Method

Soak: Soak grilling planks in water for 1-2 hours, making sure the grilling plank is completely submerged.

*An excellent soaking vessel for small to medium-sized grilling...

Grilling with cedar wraps infuses food with cedar aroma and steam, without adding extra calories, or a messy clean up. Wraps are especially excellent for grilling food like vegetables, scallops, and delicate white fish that tends to get battered on the grill.

Cedar grilling wraps can be used in the oven or on the grill.

Grilling Method

Soak wraps for...

Use flat cedar grilling skewers infuse your food with rich, smoky essence from the inside out. The flat design prevents your kabobs from rolling or spinning when you turn them over.

Soak:Wildwood Grilling Outlet grilling skewers for around 30 minutes.

Skewer:Add food to grilling skewers. Make sure the pieces are large enough to be skewered and not...

Use cheese planks to grill your cheese, or simply to display it.

To get started select a cheese with rind. Some cheeses we recommend are: Brie, Coulommiers, Camembert, Liverot, Morbier, L’Explorateur or Paglietta.

Soak: The cheese plank of 1-8 hours in water. Place your cheese of choice on the soaked plank. Cover cheese with topping if you like. Berries and...

How thick are Wildwood Grilling Outlet grilling planks?

After years of testing and production of millions of grilling planks, we've settled on a thickness of about 3/8" (0.35".) Not so thick that it wastes time and wood, and not so thin that the grilling planks burn-up before your food is cooked, but "just right".

So, what is a "second" grilling...

Using cedar smoke to flavor food is hardly a new technique. Native tribes of the Pacific Northwest hung their fresh-caught salmon over open fires fastened to hand-split pieces of Western Red Cedar and stoked their smokehouse fires with wet cedar.

Plank cooking was taught in culinary schools as early as 1910 and recipes in the first edition of Fannie Farmer used...

A Plank By Any Other Name Wouldn't Taste the Same

Have you every wondered what different wood varieties taste like in a grilling plank? Here is your quick guide.

Cedar  (Western  Red  Cedar)

The Pacific  Northwest  is  renowned  for  the  spicy  and  fragrant  smoke  of  cedar.  The   aromatic  and  full-­‐bodied  flavor  is  what  creates  delicious...

Baking Plank Q & A

Q. Can I use my grilling planks in the oven?

A. Yes! Make sure to put the grilling plank in a shallow baking dish to catch drippings.

Q. Do I need to soak my grilling plank if I’m going to bake with it?

A. Yes, soaking the plank will create steam from the heat of the oven, and that’s how the cedar flavor will be carried into your...

Camping out for some holiday grilling? Why not plank the whole meal? Here are four recipes to make 4th of July the tastiest holiday this summer!


Red, White, and Blue Brie

Stay festive with the snacks.


Main Course:

Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Go traditional with a twist and put cheese INSIDE your cedar planked burger.

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