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Grill Plank Recipes

Wood Grilling Planks Produce Extra-Ordinary Grill Smoked Flavor

Enjoy the flavor of a wood smoker in your gas or charcoal grill with wood grilling planks. Our wood grilling plank recipes will get you started. Once you experience the amazing flavors you will want to venture out on your own grilling adventures.


Grilled lamb chops are a favorite among grillmasters everywhere, but keeping the meat moist can be a challenge. You can accomplish both of those things in one simple step: cook the chops on a Hickory plank. The smoke flavor is perfect for lamb.

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Servings: 2

Wildwood Grilling 5x11″ Hickory Plank
4-6 Lamb...

Baking Plank Q & A

Q. Can I use my grilling planks in the oven?

A. Yes! Make sure to put the grilling plank in a shallow baking dish to catch drippings.

Q. Do I need to soak my grilling plank if I’m going to bake with it?

A. Yes, soaking the plank will create steam from the heat of the oven, and that’s how the cedar flavor will be carried into your...

No matter how many weird and exotic things I cook on planks, the definitive recipe is and will always be Wild Salmon Planked on Western Red Cedar. And the Copper River Salmon are running, so it's time to fire up the grill. The grocery list for this recipe is short...


An Wildwood Grilling Outlet Cedar Grilling Plank
Copper River...

This is the definitive planking recipe! A Northwestern favorite is, and will always be Wild Salmon grilled on a Western Red Cedar Grilling Plank.The grocery list for this recipe is short...


One Wildwood Grilling Outlet Cedar Grilling Plank Wild Caught Salmon Brown Sugar Garlic Salt + Fresh Ground Pepper

So, how does plank cooking actually...

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