Cedar Grilling Planks 30 Pack (2nds)
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Cedar Grilling Planks 30 Pack (2nds)
Cedar Grilling Planks 30 Pack (2nds) Cedar Grilling Planks 30 Pack (2nds)

What You Get

30 Western Red Cedar grilling planks with a net size of 5” x 11” x 3/8.” 100% Natural and Food-Safe.

66% Off The Retail Price

Get a stack of our most popular cedar grilling planks at a third of the retail price! During our manufacturing process some grilling planks come out not as pretty as the rest. These planks are graded as seconds. Our seconds may have crooked brands, rough faces or edges, a small hole or split, and all the flavor of our Grade A grilling planks.While they still create delicious tasting grilled food, we recommend them for personal use, and not resale. Factory Seconds are a final sale item.

100% Natural – No Chemicals

All of our grilling products, including our seconds are 100% natural and free of any chemical additives. We use food grade lubricants on our equipment so that you receive a product you can feel safe preparing food on. Check to see if the other grilling products you use have a similar guarantee.

Recipes and Pairings

Take a look at our recipes pages for ideas on how to use your cedar grilling planks. You will find the legendary pairing of salmon with cedar planks as well as many other ideas such as cedar grilled chicken and pork chops. Cedar is best paired with bold flavors. If you are looking for something more subtle, you may enjoy trying our alder grilling planks or red oak grilling planks.

Western Red Cedar

Not all Cedar is the same. You may find other products out there that are not Western Red Cedar. Don’t be fooled. We are located in the heart of Western Red Cedar country and we will not sneak you eastern cedar, white cedar or anything other than authentic Western Red Cedar.


Are you interested in larger quantities or wholesale prices on Cedar Grilling Planks? That's what we do best! We work with grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, and retailers around the country. We can provide you with the best prices, and customization options to meet your specific needs.

  or call us at 877-350-5007.

Grilling Planks
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